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An Ad You Should See

New Spanish-language ad from the Democratic Party.

Earlier this week, Karl Rove's group Crossroads GPS started airing a new assault on President Obama.

The TV ad, entirely in Spanish, is on the air in nine heavily Hispanic communities—part of an electoral strategy meant to damage the President's record with Hispanic American families by making false attacks even before 2012 heats up.

These attacks can't go without a response. So Democrats and the Democratic National Committee put together the first TV ad of this campaign—a Spanish-language ad that answers this ad's distortions with the facts.

Crossroads GPS is spending six figures on its ad. But we need to remain focused on investing in the grassroots organizing on the ground that we know wins elections. The DNC has a plan to hit back hard, but we're counting on supporters like you to share the response ad with your friends and family.

President Obama's record for middle-class families speaks for itself—and it's one I'm proud to defend.

We know what the other side has been fighting for: ending Medicare as we know it and preserving tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

We won't let voters forget that. But while unaccountable outside groups on the other side can spend hundreds of thousands on attack ads, we'll need your help getting our response out. Use the Twitter, Facebook, and email buttons above to spread the word.

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