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The response to our grassroots match fundraising effort has been amazing—by midnight on Tuesday, over 20,000 new donors had joined the campaign.

But this isn’t quite over—there’s still time for you to get involved. Hundreds of supporters who have stepped up to match a new donor's first-time donation over the last week are still waiting for someone to match their pledge and double their impact for the campaign.

They're folks like one of our retired supporters in California, who wrote in:

“Elections matter. Elections impact each one of us in so many ways. It's important to be a part of this campaign, no matter how much time or money you can contribute.”

He stepped up to match the donation of a first time supporter and was matched with a mom in another part of the state:

“Elections do matter. Thank you for participating in this match program. Your participation inspired me to donate today. Thank you.”

Stepping up to say that you’ll match the donation of a new supporter is a big way to show your support for the 2012 campaign, and we can’t leave these folks without a match—especially in these early days, when donations will go the farthest in building our grassroots infrastructure.

Donate for the first time today and your donation will be matched by a fellow supporter—doubling your impact. You’ll also have the opportunity to exchange messages—just like the folks in California.

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