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All Hands on Deck in Pontiac for Our August 3rd Organizing Celebration and Meeting

OCDP HQ, Pontiac- There wasn’t an empty chair at the organizing meeting on President Obama’s 50th birthday. The meeting at the Oakland County Democratic Party office was just one of dozens across the state of Michigan and hundreds nationally. It was more than just a birthday—it was an opportunity to talk about making Obama 2012 local to our communities.

Pontiac 3

Grassroots leaders, supporters, and newcomers gathered to hear President Obama speak via webcast about the importance of grassroots efforts and organizing over the next two years. The President asked them to join efforts and expressed the power of neighbors talking to neighbors.

“You own this campaign,” he said. “You own this country.”

Following the speech, attendees sat down with neighborhood team leaders and started to organize. Notes were taken, phone numbers were exchanged, and plans were made for the future. “I’ll be in tomorrow to make calls”, said Joyce J.

“I know a community group we should contact about voter registration,” offered Tushar O

“Here, pass me that sign-up sheet for the voter registration canvass on Saturday,” asked grassroots leader Mona D.

The organizing continues and the grassroots keep growing in Oakland County. Missed the meeting but want to make your commitment to be part of Obama 2012 in your community? Click here to let us know you are IN and ready to organize.

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