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Albuquerque Came Together to Register Voters for 2012

by James S., NM Summer Organizer

I'm a summer organizer here in Albuquerque, and what an introduction I've gotten to the campaign. We're keeping busy getting plenty of new and seasoned volunteers involved in the 2012 campaign! It's been exciting getting to see the campaign run at such a base level and to be a part of the drive for our President. Recently, we in NM held our Albuquerque Coming Together to Register Voters voter drive, one of our initiatives to get people out to vote.

ABQ Office!

In 2008, we registered 60,000 new voters in New Mexico - this was a huge part of our success. However, in 2012, we want to not only meet, but exceed that number. I'd never been a part of such an extensive drive to mobilize voters and members of the community, and today was an exciting introduction. We covered the entire city, going to farmers' markets, a folk festival, and other community events.

Even though we are eighteen months from the election, I could tell that everyone was excited to get out there and get started. It always feels good to get people involved in the democratic process.

There are a few things more patriotic than getting involved with the political process and voting! Want to get involved? Come by our Albuquerque headquarters Wednesday June 22nd at 5:30 pm for a phone bank! RSVP by clicking here!

To find how to get involved for your community contact us here [email protected]

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