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Alabama Volunteers Gather in Montgomery – Training to WIN!

Team from 2 day trainig

Grassroots planning took on a new life in Montgomery this weekend when volunteers from across the state gathered on Saturday and Sunday, Jun 11-12, for training and networking.

State Director, Leanne Townsend, was the lead trainer with a comprehensive agenda; which included strategies for neighborhood team building, voting empowerment, digital media, planning and executing events and spreading the good news about the campaign.

Participants got to tell their stories about their involvement and dedication to the campaign. They also honed their skills by role playing techniques for recruiting supporters via phone banking and one-on-one interaction.

Bradley Davidson, Executive Director, Alabama Democratic Party (ADP), stopped by to update the group on the ADP’s progress in the state. His main message was that the Democratic Party in Alabama is alive and well and will prevail.

Trinette, one of the awesome trainers, summarized the weekend best when she asked volunteers to remember…“Love and hope trumps hate and fear.”

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