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On the Affordable Care Act

In a week full of historic rulings by the Supreme Court of the United States, the court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act will have the widest impact on the most Americans of any in recent history. Make no mistake: this is a great step forward for our country.
This is a great day for both our state and our country. Every Alabamian can now rest easy knowing they can afford the healthcare they need and deserve.

The Obama administration has shown remarkable foresight with this historic piece of legislation, addressing a pressing problem that individual states have refused to deal with. President Obama has made it clear that his priorities include both the well being of every American as well as the fiscal future of our country. Not only will Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) reduce the deficit by over $100 billion, studies have shown that repealing the law will actually add to the deficit by approximately $50 billion.

In addition to being fiscally responsible, Obamacare extends quality coverage to millions of people. No longer can an insurance company deny someone due to a preexisting condition, and no longer can insurance companies apply lifetime caps to American's health care plans.

- Judge Mark K

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