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I Used To Vote Republican

I cast my very first vote in the presidential election of 1972. I voted for Richard Nixon. For the next six presidential election cycles, I voted Republican. I stopped myself in 2000 because I could NOT vote for George W. Bush. But it was not until the candidacy of Barack Obama that I became a Democrat. This candidate inspired me to get involved in his campaign. The night of his election to the presidency was the most inspiring moment I had ever witnessed as an American citizen.

During most of my teaching career in the public schools, I was a government and economics teacher. I loved studying and teaching the United States Constitution. Many of my students participated in a program called “We the People, the Citizen and the Constitution". It required intensive study of our constitutional system. When I read Barack Obama’s books, I realized that he had great knowledge of the Constitution, and the same love and respect for it that I had. And he knew how it worked! He understood that the principle of limited government did not dictate small government. He understood that “We the People” must work together for a stronger economy and a better society.

I knew we needed this man to lead our country. I know that we still need him to keep moving us forward. All of us who believe this need to work as hard as we can to be sure he stays in the White House!

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