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Across the Sunshine State: Jackie in Boca Raton is "IN"

I supported Obama in 2008 because I admired his energy and commitment to change. This led me to volunteer in North Carolina during the General Election. I will never forget going door to door with my father in a very Republican neighborhood in the pouring rain the day of the election to make sure people were getting out to vote. I will always look back to us volunteering as something that really brought us together for something we both believe in.

When Obama won the election my father and I sat in my living room and I was in tears. We were so happy. I felt like, finally, someone who stands for the middle class, like me, someone looking out for me is President.


I’m inspired to be “IN” in 2012 for many reasons but one thing that hits home is the intent to cut funding of Pell grants for college students. I worked several jobs to put myself through college, took out several student loans and received a Pell grant. Without that Pell grant I would not have been able graduate as my financial situation would not have afforded me that. But because of that Pell grant I am the only one in my family to have completed college. I am so grateful that I was able to get where I am today because this program and I’m grateful to President Obama for fighting for the youth. Issues like this have gotten me fired up again and wanting to do something more than just watch from the sidelines. I’m eagerly awaiting possible acceptance to the OFA Summer Organizer program. I can’t wait to get others all “IN” for Obama 2012.

Jackie, Boca Raton, Florida

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