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Acknowledging the devastation of extreme weather

One year ago I remember watching the images of this intense and massive storm bearing down on the East Coast. Those images and the news of the tragic impacts of Super Storm Sandy presented a very clear focus on what is in store in an altered climate.

As stunning as those images were at the time, I could not have imagined what I would soon see with my own eyes in Colorado. First, wildfires for a second year in a row devastated communities and broke records in the state. Then we were struck by storms that the weather service called "biblical," pounding our area with rain and floods that have literally ripped apart communities and left our fragile mountain economies in shatters.

Here at Climate Reality we talk about this as the costs we are all paying for carbon pollution.

Today is the anniversary of Sandy, and we are proud to join with Organizing for Action, faith leaders, and climate advocates to mark that day and to remember the climate impacts of not just Sandy, but of extreme weather that has devastated many communities across the country. Today we honor the resilience and resolve of those communities.

This is a day that matters to everyone, and it should be a clarion call for us all to act on climate change.

Share these images to help spread the word about the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, and join the #O29 conversation on Twitter.

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