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A Team In Memphis Holds Their First Election Day Practice Event

Our team’s first Election Day tactics operation was a voter registration event held at the Fifth Annual Keel Avenue Community Fest on Saturday. The Shelby Middle Orange Mound team members met two new volunteers who organized with President Obama back when he was a community organizer in Chicago. Sisters Kathryn and Florence shared fond memories of their organizing work with the future president at a Chicago park.

"I want Mr. President to know that we are working hard out here for him, registering new voters and trying to make sure everyone we meet knows about all the good things he's doing. We know how hard you're working [Mr. President] and we've got you, we've got your back!" said Kathryn.

Kathryn is a member of the Keel Avenue Baptist Church and works at a large rehabilitation hospital in Midtown Memphis. Kathryn's sister, Florence, trained new Shelby Middle volunteers on voter registration and fielded questions on the new Tennessee Voter ID requirements. The community festival attracted many youth groups and young supporters who showed their support for President Obama.

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