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Letters from Michigan: A teacher's perspective

My name is Diane and I’m proud to be an elementary school teacher in Rochester, Michigan.

Public school educators teach more than what’s in textbooks. We help teach our children teamwork, tolerance and the skills they need to build strong communities. It’s the children of today who will lead our society in the future.

President Obama understands that. He wants to improve education at all levels — from working to raise K-12 standards and putting more teachers in classrooms, to doubling funding for Pell Grants to make college more affordable.

Mitt Romney thinks students should borrow money from their parents if they want to go to college. He thinks we can get by with fewer public school teachers. I can tell you the increased class sizes that would create means our children wouldn’t get as much attention as they deserve.

President Obama knows we need to dedicate resources to education. I’m standing with him because I share his commitment to educating our young people and preparing them for the important role they will play in our country’s future.

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