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A super successful Super Tuesday of Action

Last week, as the country focused on Super Tuesday’s Republican primaries, volunteers for President Obama came together across New York to continue reaching out to fellow supporters. Neighborhood teams around the state met to make phone calls for President Obama and watch Super Tuesday poll results roll in, and students at New York University took a break from midterms to join the effort.

NYU Students for Barack Obama helped out by calling supporters and potential volunteers in Pennsylvania and identifying people who want to have a one-on-one meetings or come to an upcoming voter registration drive in their area. The conversations between NYU students and supporters were lively, and focused on the President's achievements over the past three years, proving that enthusiasm for President Obama is only growing stronger as we continue to have conversations about everything the President has done for our country. It felt good to have an impact and make these phone calls, and it only becomes more important every day to step up and get involved.

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