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A Streetcar Named Democracy: Team Blue Dat Canvasses a New Orleans Icon


Stan wasn’t calling for Stella this past weekend, but Team Blue Dat volunteers were certainly busy engaging voters and supporters at the Broad & Canal streetcar stop, as part of a Day of Action event.

In defiance of the mid-day heat, volunteers talked to citizens about President Obama's successes and current initiatives so that the progress made thus far does not move backward on the streetcar line, so to speak, building the case for a 2012 election victory.

Linda K., a local New Orleans resident, joined Team Blue Dat in its community efforts.

"It was great reaching out and talking to people - can't wait for the next time!"

~ Linda K.

Volunteers and supporters know that grassroots organizing can make a huge impact in an election. The key is to mobilize -- and mobilize early.

One streetcar supporter's statement sums up Team Blue Dat's efforts nicely:

"In this day and age, sometimes people take for granted our rights as citizens, like the right to vote. Yes, we are months away from any election, but it's never too early to be informed and registered to vote. Knowledge is empowering."

Never say 'never.' To take a cue from one of Louisiana's winning sports teams: Blue Dat!

Team Blue Dat is just one of many teams operating throughout Louisiana. Join the winning team and get connected now.

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