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“A step toward equality”

"I’ve supported President Obama since the 2008 campaign, but I chose to donate this time around because of his support for gay marriage. My partner and I recently bought a home and are beginning to set up a life together. Marriage is the logical next step, and the President’s support makes us feel like that could happen, like it’s no longer some crazy dream for me to actually marry the person I love.

"I would still like to see some broader national support, but without a doubt it’s a huge step. He is the first sitting president to actually articulate his support for marriage equality. The announcement caught me by surprise. I think that made it even more moving.

"If you support the President, it’s so important to donate. Just stop and think about all the changes that have been made. If President Obama isn’t re-elected, all of the progress we’ve made will be turned back."

—Bob, a former sales associate from Pennsylvania

Bob is one of 2.4 million people who have donated to this campaign because they want to keep moving forward—will you be next?


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