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A president and The Boss in Parma, Ohio

Getting ready in Ohio

When you're preparing for an event that includes President Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen—like today's concert at Cuyahoga Community College, or "Tri-C," in Ohio—you don't have to put too much effort into spreading the word.

"When I got to the office the morning after details of the event were announced, there was already a huge line around the block," says Vanessa, a volunteer coordinator for Cuyahoga County. "People were blasting Bruce's music on boomboxes and there were news crews, and lots of excitement in the air. By 10:00 a.m. we had a line about three blocks long and it just never died down—people were coming by for tickets until 9:00 p.m. that night."

Both new and familiar faces showed up to get tickets, she adds:

"It was definitely a rock-and-roll crowd—many of them had camped out from early in the morning. Bruce is an icon, so people were naturally excited to see him, including some folks who normally wouldn't attend a political rally. People were equally pumped to get a ticket to see President Clinton speak, especially after the amazing speech he gave at the Democratic National Convention.”

For Vanessa, the event is an excellent example of how important Cleveland is to the election.

"To have both Clinton and Springsteen at Tri-C is huge. It's going to generate a ton of excitement for President Obama. Our team will be there in full force, making sure that folks in line have either voted already or commit to vote early. We’re also asking everyone to volunteer for a get-out-the-vote shift—these last few weeks are crucial, and we need everyone to get involved.”

Join folks in Ohio and across the country by signing up to volunteer—and stay tuned for more from today's events with Bruce Springsteen.

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