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A New Organizer Takes Off


This weekend marked the beginning of the Spring Fellows program for Obama for America California. I, along with forty others, attended the Northern California training in Oakland. As we got started with the introductions, I was pleased to hear from the people of all different cultural, linguistic, professional and geographic backgrounds that came together for the weekend. During both days we received training on strategy, technical skills, and phone banking among other topics – but there was something more at play. As the program progressed, I could see and feel personal bonds developing and relationships building.

The training received this weekend contributed to these feelings, but I credit this more to the collective vision we all have: working together toward a positive common goal; to move forward, not backwards; to work hard to keep American values, opportunities, and dreams alive for future generations.

As a young woman, an immigrant, a worker, a student, and a concerned citizen I came out of this weekend inspired by everyone I met. There were stories of hardship, passion, happiness, but mostly hope. Hope that if we all do our part, we will have the opportunity to see President Obama serve this country for four more years as OUR President.

We are energized, and look forward to forging the positive relationships in our communities and neighboring states that will help get President Obama re-elected in November. At the end of the training, my fellow organizers and I left headquarters fired up and ready to go!

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