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A new home for Team Lansing

“Welcome to your new home.”

Team Lansing gathered with other area neighborhood teams on Monday to celebrate the opening of the new Organizing for America field office at 2722 East Michigan Avenue. Nestled between Lansing and East Lansing, it will be the center of all the organizing activity from now until the election.

Team Lansing will use the space for meetings, phone banks, and conversations with new volunteers. Before the new office, meeting space had been tight for the team:

“We met and worked in the conference room of the Michigan Democratic Party’s building,” explains Deputy Team Leader Edwina Marshall. “We struggled to fit everyone around the table at meetings. Now, we have plenty of space for a team meeting in a room that is our own!”

Volunteer Recruiter Mae Beard is excited that supporters can now just walk in the office door for one-on-one meeting and to sign up for volunteer shifts.

“I’ve had to schedule meetings with new volunteers around office hours or in coffee shops,” Mae explains. “The fact that people now know where to go if they want to volunteer in Lansing is really powerful.”

And, as phone bank captain Juana Gonzales explains, it will be great for phone banks, too:

“Now we can spread out and make more calls without distractions—and fit more people in the room!”

The team worked tirelessly on Monday with Regional Field Director Jody Money and Field Organizer L. Shawn Sithole to make sure everyone who came to the office signed up for a volunteer shift and met their local team. In just two hours, Team Lansing identified over twenty new faces who are excited about coming along to future events and might fill new team roles.

“Having this office will be so helpful as a central hub for all of organizing in the coming months,” says James Marshall, the Lansing neighborhood team leader. “We'll be able to come back for clipboards when we canvass on the South Side and keep all of our materials in one central place. We can't wait for more Lansing residents to join us!”

Neighborhood teams will be celebrating the opening of new field offices all across Michigan and the country in the coming months. Are you ready to hit the ground? Sign up to volunteer today.

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