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A Lower Ninth Ward Community Organizer Makes a Big Difference

Mac, Lower Ninth Ward

Submitted by Pat McCollough, Louisiana State Director

In the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, I visited Mac's facility, a community center, where I listened attentively to his story about his original vision for the building -- a garage to restore old cars and host car shows.

Following the devastating floods after Hurricane Katrina that left the area ruined, Mac saw a greater need in the community and knew that he and his garage had a calling and a bigger vision.

He turned the old run down facility into a community center, club house and community service project headquarters. Graffiti-style artwork create a welcoming local atmosphere. Banners displaying the names of the colleges, organizations, celebrities, and locals who have volunteered their time, talents and resources to help improve the center and the community as a whole, cover the walls.

Looking to 2012, Mac is in because President Obama "shares the same values of community organizing” that he holds. ”I'm in because I believe that we have to build and re-build communities block-by-block, brick-by-brick, calloused-hand by calloused-hand."

Mac is preparing for a youth summer program and a career workshop. He has asked the 2012 campaign to take part in the career workshop. Mac is a true community organizer, warrior, mentor and leader. He says that the progress is slow but it keeps moving forward.

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