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A look at tonight's debate

Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson is the Distinguished Fellow of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University, and previously was the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. He dropped by today to talk a bit about what to expect at tonight's debate.

"Obama's foreign policy achievements are really two-fold. First, he has kept this country safe and secure. Second, he has restored America's standing as a global leader. That's a bar that Governor Romney hasn’t even begun to reach."

"The fact is that we don’t know which Mitt Romney is going to show up to the debate tonight, just like we don't know which Mitt Romney would show up to the Oval Office. Is it the Romney who is called for extending our time in Afghanistan or the Romney who agrees that 2014 is our timeframe to bring our troops home? Is it the Romney who says we should have kept 30,000 more troops in Iraq or is is the Romney who said we should be investing that money into the economy? Is it the Romney would couldn't be trusted to represent our country in in the UK during the Olympics? We really don't know which Romney would show up."

"Barack Obama is a president who has done what is right for the country. He has kept the country’s best interest in mind."

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