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A Life Changing Experience

Andrea H. Summer Organizer is in

Meet summer organizer, Andrea H., originally from Carterville, Illinois, she now calls St. Louis home. Most summers Andrea keeps herself busy by taking her dog Louis to the park, discussing politics with her friends, gardening, and going to concerts. However, this summer she’s spending her time as a summer organizer. She says it was an easy choice:

“I wasn't as involved in the 2008 election as much as I had wanted to be, so part of the reason I wanted to become a summer organizer was to right a wrong, and play an active role in President Obama's 2012 campaign (especially from the beginning). I think it is vital for President Obama to remain in office to continue to carry out his plans for health care, education, alternative energy, and the economy. I firmly believe his vision for our country is a progressive step in the right direction.”

And how has the experience been so far?

“It is extremely inspiring to meet other people in St. Louis that share the same passion and support for the President. As a summer organizer, I have been given the extraordinary opportunity to become more connected with individuals in my community that I might have never had the chance to meet and/or work with. I feel like this experience is changing my life in a positive way, and it is motivating me to stay connected with my community, remain interested in what is happening in my country and around the world, and strive to play an active role in the political process (voting & campaigning) from here on out.“

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