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A Larger Mission

Campaign Manager Jim Messina launched a new grassroots fundraising effort today:

Earlier today, a whole bunch of us who have already made a donation to the 2012 campaign decided something.

We decided we're ready to give for a second or third time—if and only if people who haven't yet given to this campaign are willing to make a donation to the campaign right now.

We're using a unique matching tool to connect donors to each other—it's actually pretty cool. If you donate today, your gift will be matched by a real person. You'll be able to see their name and town, and even exchange a message with them.

Right now there are thousands of folks willing to match whatever amount you decide to give. You'll have double the impact if you decide to make your first donation to the 2012 campaign now.

From the start of President Obama's 2008 campaign, this operation has viewed fundraising as part of a larger organizing mission.

Taking ownership of the campaign is an essential part of the experience, right alongside making phone calls, knocking on doors, and taking responsibility for getting your network of friends, colleagues, and neighbors to join us.

Relying on each other to own this campaign isn't just the most viable way we can grow a truly grassroots organization—it's also the right way to do politics. Taking money from Washington lobbyists or special interest PACs is the easy path—and every single one of our prospective opponents is racing down it.

That's not the kind of race we want to run. I know there are easier ways to fund a presidential campaign than getting a whole lot of people to give five dollars or more. But it's an explicit rejection of the money-for-influence game that paralyzes our politics.

So while other campaigns boast about raising tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, we're focusing on a different kind of mission: to get as many people as possible to give, as early as possible.

Right now, our most committed supporters are willing to double the impact of your donation to the 2012 campaign. I'd like them to find out that their promise to give inspired you.

Make a matching donation of $25 or more now.

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