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A Family Affair—A Neighborhood Phonebank in El Paso


In far west Texas, supporters of President Obama gathered at the El Paso home of Francisco Z., a military veteran who was stationed in the area last August. His wife, children and parents welcomed eight local volunteers who made nearly 300 phone calls to supporters across the region. As the campaign heats up, the volunteers invited supporters to local events and encouraged them to get involved.

Francisco’s family first became involved with the campaign last month, when his father, Francisco Sr. found a local phone bank event on Francisco Sr. is very passionate about politics, and he convinced his entire family to join the event. Since then, the family has participated in two additional events and they plan on staying involved throughout the election season.

The family supports the president, because they trust him with issues that are important to the Hispanic community. “I believe that Barack Obama has the interests of Hispanics in mind and I trust him to tackle those issues,” said Francisco Sr.

Campaigning has become an enjoyable experience for the entire family and even the children are excited to help. Francisco’s 5-year-old son eagerly asked, “Is Obama going to come over to help?” Families like these are building this movement in our neighborhoods, one phone call at a time. They are IN, are you IN?

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