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A Different Kind of Organizing

While a lot of my time as a summer organizer is spent having face-to-face meetings, making phone calls, and organizing community events, I have also been learning about digital organizing tools.

Up to now, I had a modest online presence. I used social media sites to interact with my friends and family, but had never attempted to use it for much else.

This summer, I've been using Twitter to give people information about upcoming local events and volunteer opportunities as well as a way to share successes with community members.

Digital organizing does not take the place of more personal one-on-one meetings or phone calls, but it does allow the campaign to have a presence in places it may not otherwise. By interacting with supporters online, we can reach more people, more quickly.

I’ve had opportunities online that would be much harder to come across offline. I've interacted with elected state representatives on Twitter and become Facebook friends with people who live thousands of miles away. The only thing I know we have in common is a mutual admiration for and desire to support President Obama.

These online tools help remind me that there are people from all walks of life all over the country who are fired up and ready to go, on and off-line.

On Twitter? Be sure to follow #SumOrg11to find out what summer organizers are doing across the country. And don't forget: you can keep up to date with all the latest news from the team here in Iowa on our Facebook page and by following @OFA_IA on Twitter.

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