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A Deeper Look

It's funny how things evolve. One day you're writing about something you feel really strongly about, and the next day it's as though everyone else just caught your passion.

As a result of me sharing my feelings on what President Obama is doing for the LGBT community, many of my friends -- and their friends -- came out and spoke to me about their personal struggles with being LGBT and how personally their lives are being affected by the discrimination that is seemingly ever-present in today's society.

I'd like to share one story, coming from a good friend of mine that has had to deal with personal attacks, confusion, anger, and finally accepting who he was; being finally confident in saying,"I'm Gay."

"I think I always knew I was gay, even when I was really young," he says, looking back on his life living in a small town outside of Gallup, NM. "I almost felt like I didn't want it to be something in question[though]…. I just didn't want to talk about it."

Growing up was still tough, having to deal with the mean comments of fellow schoolmates. "I remember in third grade, I was playing tag, and as I was running away from the kid that was 'it', he just looked at me and yelled 'you're a fag.' I ran over and just started wailing on him, not because he was wrong, but because it was hurtful. Even though I wasn't even sure what it meant at the time, I knew he was trying to make fun of me."

As he got older, fewer people asked about it, and he became better at hiding what he felt.

"I actually had 5 girlfriends in high school. Whenever I wondered why I was dating them and thought about breaking up, telling them I was gay, they would all do something like cheating, and I'd just think 'phew! Now I don't have to break up with them first.' "

As college came, he finally began thinking about being the way he was on the inside, outside as well.

"It wasn't even until I had moved away from my home that I had to address the issue of 'what I was'… but there were people out there [in Albuquerque] that really helped me understand the community that I would be a part of after I came out."

Even though he was happy to have found a place where he can express and be himself, he definitely found a lot more as well.

"I went to QSA a lot my freshman year" he said. "I heard all kinds of stories from people that were similar to mine in some ways, but some stories that were so different. The stories that you hear about people being attacked or humiliated are a lot closer than you think."

He told me that there are tons of people that voice injustice about what they have had to endure, but for every one that does, there are many that decide to stay quiet instead.

And because of this story, he backs what Barack Obama is doing to help people like him. "I feel like they want to raise the bar on Civil Rights and what it really stands for."

So please, come out tomorrow, Thursday, May 31st and support Barack Obama and all that he has done to ensure equal rights to all people or visit and stand with the president in providing equal rights as he moves forward in 2012.

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