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A Day in the Life: Pasadena Office

It’s 8:30am on Monday morning, October 1st, and the only sound at 140 N. Lake St. is the low hum of the air conditioning as the first wave of volunteers begin to arrive and start the third week of work at Obama for America’s Pasadena office.

Pasadena Opening

Less than two weeks earlier, hundreds of neighborhood volunteers attended the grand opening of the new space and since then it has been open between 9am and 9pm seven days a week. With just over one month before Election Day, the primary activity in the office has been volunteers calling battleground states. Last week, they had the added pleasure of calling supporters in Nevada to invite them to see President Obama speak at a Las Vegas rally.

One of the earliest volunteers in the Pasadena office was Vicente R., a network engineer originally from New York, who set up the office computers that first week and now spends most of his time entering data and helping new volunteers. Vicente says his main goal over the next five weeks is to make sure every Obama supporter gets out and votes.

“We know that our goal is to reach all of the Obama supporters and make sure they’re out voting. In this election, because it’s so close, and even though the polls look good, you never know what’s going to happen. So I know how important it is to get out the vote. And I want to make sure the vote is out for Obama.”

Vicente R.

As the day progresses, a steady stream of volunteers flows in and out of the office, enjoying relief from the heat as they call potential supporters in Colorado. One woman comes in bearing a gallon of ice cream so everyone can take a well-deserved break. There’s an influx of post-work volunteers towards the end of the day who dedicate their evenings to the campaign.

Whether you live near Pasadena or anywhere else in California, volunteering at your local OFA office is great way to have an impact. Even if you can’t make it to a local phone bank event, the official offices are almost always open. Not only will you contribute to President Obama’s grassroots campaign, but you’ll meet like-minded people in your community and have fun while you’re at it. So find your local office today and get involved!

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