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“A Day in the Life of a Summer Organizer”

When I walk in the door, the first thing I see are back adjustment machines. It may sound a bit odd, but the office my team works from belongs to a chiropractor. Here at Organizing for America, we’re grassroots. No need for anything fancy—all we need are phone lines, a couple of chairs, and internet access, and we can make it work.

The minute I sit down on the adjustment chair I generously call my “desk," I check out the day’s priorities. After reading through yesterday’s numbers, I know whether to maintain a good pace on calls to supporters or to step it up with my one-on-ones.

Looking over to my cup of coffee, I see a stack of paper—data. With the mantra “If it’s not in the database, it doesn’t exist” resounding in my ears, I jump to entering the numbers.

“Hey Alex, someone’s here to see you.”

Quickly, I head to the office’s waiting room and greet a supporter here for a one-on-one. Sitting them down in one of the examination rooms in the chiropractor's chair, we talk about the campaign and why we’re both in for 2012. Then comes the hard ask:

“Can I count on you to help us out this weekend?”

In the afternoon, I pick up the phone. Time to reach out to potential volunteers for our next voter registration drive on July 4th. After reaching numerous answering machines, I finally speak to a real person who signs up to volunteer this weekend. Eureka!

At the end of my day, I make a mental checklist: Data? Entered. Meetings? Met. Calls? Made. I call that a good day.

You can keep up to date with the latest from the Obama 2012 team in Nevada on their Facebook page and by following @OFA_NV on Twitter.

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