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A daughter’s love

A daughter's love

“In July, a fundraiser for President Obama was held in Austin. I volunteered at the event, and as I was tending the rope line, a lady walked up to me and handed me a note she wanted delivered to the President. She explained that it was a thank you note she had written on behalf of her father, who had been diagnosed with cancer and was able to get the necessary treatments under the Affordable Care Act. As she told me her story, she began to cry.

“On behalf of Diana O. and her father, I'd like to give you an opportunity to read you that letter:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my dad a chance to fight for his life. He now has insurance because of you! There aren’t enough words to show my thanks! Much love, Diana O.

“The letter is short, but exudes an air of appreciation and gratitude for a man who has never forgotten about those in need. This woman was several months pregnant and sat in the ADA section. She wasn't close enough to even see the President, let alone hand him the letter but she proudly shouted over and over, ‘Thank you for helping my dad!’ throughout his speech.

“Diana has been on my mind lately because it’s people like her who fuel the fires of this campaign. When you're tired, when your team is tired, when you think you've volunteered every ounce of your free time, you only need to think about Diana and her father to find the strength to work one more hour, knock on one more door, and make one more call.”

Tarah, a neighborhood team leader from Texas

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