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A busy week in howard county

As a Fall Fellow assigned to Howard county, we've been pretty busy over here. From grassroots planning to information sessions, we were able to gather some of the largest groups of Obama supporters in the county. Here are some highlights of our events across Maryland last week:

West Columbia Grassroots Planning Session - October 5th:
Last Wednesday night, we had a great house party at volunteer Jan O.’s home in West Columbia. Over 30 passionate people showed up to talk about the campaign, why they want to get the President re-elected, and the many ways they can get involved. People were so excited, they wanted to knock on doors in Pennsylvania right then! It was inspiring to hear from the hearts of the people who are most dedicated to getting the President four more years!

Western Howard County Information Session - October 4th:
Our Howard county team decided to host an information session last Tuesday night, in one of the more sparsely populated parts of the county. Even so, dozens of people showed up to listen to County Council Chair Calvin Ball talk about President Obama, and how Howard County can help keep him in the Oval Office. We went around the room and listened to nearly everyone talk about why they supported the President, and it was wonderful to hear so many excellent reasons to volunteer for this campaign.

Want to join us for our next event in the county? Well you're in luck! Tonight will be our first weekly phonebank in Howard County, where we’re hoping to continue to expand our volunteer base and gain momentum for the President’s re-election campaign through consistent efforts and targeted canvassing. We’ll be at the Howard County Democratic Central Committee Office in Columbia, Maryland, from 6:30-8:30pm tonight and every Tuesday night.
We'd love to see you there, so if you need more information, please be sure to give our office a call at 240 242 5750, or click here.

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