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"We need someone who's got a plan" – Matt, Dartmouth student


School's back in session and students are back on campus at universities and colleges across New Hampshire this week. Yesterday we met Matt, a Sophomore at Dartmouth College. Though Matt shares his hometown of Chicago with the President, he considers himself a Granite Stater, and has committed to vote here.

“We're a tight-knit community here, and as part of that community, I really feel like we're in this together. The President shares those values, and I want to do everything in my power to ensure he's re-elected. I moved here from Illinois and that'll always be where I'm from. They have the President's back there too. But I'm here in New Hampshire now; I'm a part of the Dartmouth community, and we all have a shared responsibility to keep the country moving in the right direction. I live here, I study here, and I'm certainly going to vote here.”

As to why he's supporting the President, Matt told us:

“Back in Chicago, I would see him around the neighborhood chatting with a barber, joking with the other customers. I really feel like I know the guy. And I think it's similar to the way a lot of the folks who met him here in New Hampshire in 2007 and 2008 feel. He gets what's going on in the lives of actual, everyday people–not just a select group of a few millionaires and billionaires."

"We need someone who understands that people in school or just out of school need health coverage. We need someone who's got a plan for creating green energy and all the jobs that go with it. We need someone who understands what an education can help achieve, and who's willing to open the door to that achievement to everyone. That person is already President of the United States, and we need to make sure he gets four more years.”

If you're a student in New Hampshire, commit to vote here. Make your vote count–the future's on the line.

Commit to Vote

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