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Voting: “It’s going to be an amazing feeling”


“I’ve never been as invested in a presidential election as I am now that I can vote,” said Elaina, a junior at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia, who will vote in her first presidential election this November.

College students like Elaina and her CNU collegemate Katie are paying close attention to what’s being said on the campaign trail about issues like student loans, unemployment, the national debt and women’s rights.

Elaina says this probably this most important election for people her age. “I know it’s going to be an amazing feeling when I get a chance to voice my opinion and vote for the candidate I want – Barack Obama.”

Because Elaina is now living far from where she is registered to vote in Falls Church, Elaina intends to apply for an absentee ballot to make sure she has the opportunity to voice her choice for president.

So, here are a couple of key dates full-time college students should load into their smartphone calendars:

OCTOBER 30: The deadline to submitting your application to receive an absentee ballot.
NOVEMBER 3: The deadline if you want to cast your absentee ballot in person before the election.
NOVEMBER 6: The deadline for your absentee ballot—your vote—to be submitted.

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