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Michael: "Motivation enough for me"

“Honestly, the threat of an uncompromising, radically and socially conservative party taking control is motivation enough for me,” said Michael, a Virginian from McLean who now goes to college in Florida. “Virginia was decided by just a few votes in 2008, so getting my ballot in is extremely important to me, and should be to every Virginia voter regardless of party affiliation.”

The November vote for Michael is important for the issues that matter most to him, including gay rights, women’s rights, the national debt, and student loans.

Michael is one of thousands full-time college students across the country who are eligible to vote in their first presidential election this November. Many will have to do that by absentee ballot.

He got his application for an absentee ballot awhile ago and he says a lot of his friends on campus are doing the same right now. Young voters played a significant role in President Obama’s 2008 election. He’ll need them again in November and out-of-state Virginia students like Michael know that every vote matters.

Voting by absentee ballot? Here are some important deadlines:

OCTOBER 30: The deadline to submitting your application to receive an absentee ballot.
NOVEMBER 3: The deadline if you want to cast your absentee ballot in person before the election.
NOVEMBER 6: The deadline for your absentee ballot—your vote—to be submitted.

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