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#TopTweets: Iowa Celebrates The 4th of July

This weekend, our nation celebrated its 235th anniversary. And to commemorate Independence Day, communities from all corners of Iowa gathered in streets, parks and backyard patios to celebrate the values we have fought for and the freedoms we have earned. Our organizers were there, showing that even when our politics may divide us and our priorities my conflict, there are still common bonds that bring us all together as Americans. The ties that bind this nation together consist of family, freedom and a shared faith in the great and unlikely experiment that was America, and that is what we saw in the faces of parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, all celebrating July 4th with us here at the Obama campaign. Thanks to all our volunteers and community leaders who joined us for the festivities across the state, here are some of our favorite tweets from an awesome weekend of action.

@Matt_Bahooski: @OFA_IA #SumOrg11 are fired up at the Coralville 4th of July parade! #Obama2012 #GodBlessAmerica

@OFA_Cassie: @OFA_IA rocked the Urbandale parade in #DSM. Bubble gum and thousands of happy Iowans make for a good 4th! #Obama2012 #LetFreedomRing

@trent_schacht: Amazing how much fun can be had w/ sparklers & a camera w/ #Fireworks mode! #July4th #Obama2012

@LauraBloomer: Celebrating America by community organizing w/ @OFA_IA for the 1st president I voted for #democracyisbeautiful #iacaucus #Obama2012

@WillReasoner: excited for #4thofjuly day of action tomorrow with fellow #SumOrg11 @LauraBloomer while working for @OFA_IA on our way to #WinningTheFuture

@lindseyjens: Thank you @suedvorsky for an awesome 4th of July BBQ! WE'RE ALL IN! @OFA_IA #SumOrg11 LIVE. LOVE. ORGANIZE!

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