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Neighborhood Phonebank in South Austin

Neighborhood Phonebank in South Austin

Despite bad weather across Central Texas, our volunteers led a huge day of action on December 3rd. We organized and hosted over a dozen neighborhood events in cities including San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Denton. Some volunteers braved the wet streets, block walking and knocking on doors. Others hit the phones, calling supporters about the American Jobs Act, President Obama's job creation plan.

Five volunteers gathered at the Austin home of Taylor H., a Fall Fellow dedicated to bringing together the President's supporters. Although it rained the previous two days, these volunteers spent Saturday morning calling hundreds of folks in South Austin. With the debate over the American Jobs Act taking place in Congress, volunteers shared information on the President's plan. They also asked supporters to call their senators and representatives about backing the American Jobs Act.

Since 2007, Taylor has enthusiastically supported President Obama. Now, she is growing this movement by engaging in her community and university. "I enjoy having supporters of the President in my home." Taylor added, "I've watched what happens in Texas when we elect candidates with lower credibility and lower energy. When I think of the kind of person I want in the White House, I want no one less than President Obama."

We are eleven months away from the election and supporters of every age are building this movement one conversation at a time. Across Texas, we're talking to our neighbors and uniting communities. We're fired up, and we're ready to go. Are you "IN?"

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