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Alice K. Is In!

Alice K. is a former school teacher, a federal employee and a mom; and she is IN!

For as long as she can remember Alice has always been involved in her community. Whether it’s been making calls for a Presidential campaign or knocking on doors for school board elections-she knows change always starts with engaging your neighbors. That’s what first drew Alice to Obama for America in 2008, and it’s what has kept her involved for the 2 years since President Obama was elected-the emphasis on neighborhood outreach and community building.


During the fight for health reform Alice could be found hosting weekly phone banks or knocking on neighbors doors to explain the benefits of reform. One of the benefits has hit especially close to home. With a 24 year old son whose job doesn’t offer coverage and a 22 year old daughter about to graduate college, her children having health insurance is one thing she won’t have to worry about anymore.

Now that the President has announced his intentions to run for re election Alice is ready to go. She is hosting team meetings, having one on ones with volunteers and has committed to reaching out to all of her friends to make sure they are in.

Will you join Alice? Are you in?

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