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Women for Obama in Tennessee


On Wednesday, women all across Tennessee came together at Women for Obama house parties with special guest Michelle Obama. Shelly (pictured in the blue Obama 2012 polo) attended the Oak Ridge party and told us that she was excited to see women with so many different life experiences come together. She was also moved by the energy in the room of these women ready to work to reelect Barack Obama. Here’s what a few other women in attendance across the state had to say:

As many of us discussed how grateful we were for the different decisions that President Obama has made since he came to office, a theme quickly emerged for me. Many of the women in the room were wives and daughters of veterans. The stories each told had to do with how much better off their husbands' care is now compared to the previous administration. I heard how one woman's husband came back from Afghanistan and has seen a considerable difference in his care and treatment since President Obama has been in office. I was quickly struck by how much President Obama cares for our veterans and how he is committed to taking care of those who put their lives on the line for their country. —Colleen, Murfreesboro

All the guests enjoyed telling their favorite stories about why they love and support our President...subjects included health care changes for women, especially the issue of protecting access to birth control, to be paid for by insurance. One guest had newly relocated here from Chicago and was an expert on legal/illegal immigration. Our guests also included two young ladies, ages 12 and 13, who came with their mothers. They seemed thrilled to be included as guests as our First Lady spoke directly to all of us. —Mary, Knoxville

As Kristina, Murfreesboro Team event volunteer and that evening's host, passed around a pamphlet outlining his accomplishments with women's healthcare and education to name a few, the women studied it and nodded their head in approval.

After the call, we debriefed and discussed what resonated with each of us. For Kristina, the president's accomplishments and consideration of military women, wives, mothers and daughters have been the driving force behind her decision to support the president. For the other women, President Obama's firm stance on women's equality in the workplace and in social issues, like the recent controversy surrounding birth control and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, have been some of the reasons why they believe in, appreciate, admire and support our president.

Without a doubt, the First Lady's gracious call assured us that we can and do, in fact, make a difference. With thousands of women across the country already agreeing to support the president in the ongoing campaign and upcoming election, how could we, as Murfreesboro Women for Obama, not feel inspired to get out and tell other women about President Obama's desire to give them and their sons and daughters a better world? Rest assured that after hearing the first lady's call to action, Murfreesboro's Women for Obama will do everything they can to reelect President Obama.

—Nataly, Murfreesboro

Thank you to all our hosts and everyone who joined us for the call with the First Lady. If you missed the call, you can get involved here: Women for Obama.

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