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What it Means to be a Fellow


As the deadline approaches for application into the Summer Fellows program, we asked some of our Spring Fellows to share their stories of what they experienced going through the program.

When we spoke with Colleen J., she reeled off an impressive list of new skills she had acquired through the program. “These are skills I can use in my professional and personal life—how to connect with people on a personal basis, how to organize and grow a team, and using social media to tell a story.”

Colleen became a Fellow because she was passionate about seeing the President succeed in gaining a second term. Hard work, applying yourself, and being open to learning new skills were some of the attributes she said helped her to succeed, but she stressed that she had help and coaching at every step along the way.

“I learned that you never know where working hard will take you. I was fortunate to receive an invitation to attend the First Lady's luncheon in Nashville and was nominated to attend the Democratic National Convention. If you work hard, good things happen. Now let's get to work and get our President reelected!"

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