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My Lunch with Michelle


When my phone rang this last week I was thinking it would be one of our volunteers asking about one of our upcoming activities. Instead, it was Pat S., a friend of one of our most valued volunteers. After some small talk, Pat asked me, "What are you doing next Tuesday?"  "Oh, I’m hosting a phone bank in the evening," I replied.  "Well, I'm calling to invite you to the First Lady's luncheon."

Pat went on to tell me that she was attending as a guest of a close friend and she was able to bring a guest. She wanted to reward someone that had been working hard for the campaign and she was given my name by a friend. I was shocked, honored, and quickly accepted the invitation!

Pat is a very young 74-year old widower who owns and lives on her 360-acre farm about 10 minutes from my house. She is a member of the local group, the Obama Mamas. The Obama Mamas meet once a month to discuss the campaign, issues, and share a little lunch.

The First Lady's luncheon was a top-notch event. A delicious salad lunch with grilled chicken and asparagus was served and we were treated to a performance by Grammy-award winning artist, Emmylou Harris.

After speeches from Nashville’s Mayor and our Tennessee State Director, Justin Wilkins, we got to hear from the First Lady. I was moved and inspired by her talk.  She spoke from her heart about why this election is so critical, and what's at stake for us and our country. She talked about the Affordable Care Act, the Buffet Rule, and outlined all of the President's accomplishments. She acknowledged there is still so much work to do.  Everyone laughed  when she said, "You know Barack, he always stays calm, he is a calm man. There can be chatter and distractions all around him, but he does not and will not get distracted, he continues to move forward.  His eye is always out there on the goal, he will not be swayed..."

I believe her—he is a great President and given four more years, I am hopeful not only for our own future, but the future of our children's children.

I was so honored to attend this special event and will remember the day forever. I was already certain, but am now more certain than ever that there is nothing more important I can do in 2012 than help ensure our President is re-elected for the four more years he deserves. As our First Lady said, there is just too much at stake.

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