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Alternative Spring Break

SB12 Organizing Trips to NC

Spring break signals a temporary halt to studies and triggers a rush to warmer climates in search of fun and sun for most college students. Instead of loading up the car and heading to the beach, Spring Fellow Nataly M. and five other new friends took a road trip to battleground state North Carolina to help with registering voters and signing up new recruits.

To me, it was so awesome that students that could be doing anything but this dedicated their spring break to helping the President. If I ever need validation that I was doing the right thing in supporting President Obama, organizing and going on this trip is all the justification I’ll ever need. —Nataly

Nataly was joined by students from Middle Tennessee State University and Tennessee State University on a road trip to Winston-Salem, NC. For four days the group worked to register and find volunteers among the students of Winston-Salem State University. They succeeded in securing 112 “I’m In” cards and registered 60 new voters.

Mboro Team Member Voter Reg 02102012.jpg-large

A second group of students from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville will be heading to North Carolina on Monday, March 18 until Saturday, March 24 for another organizing trip. You don’t want to miss it! You can sign up here: Spring Break Trip to NC Part II

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