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Student spotlight: “I’m a student, and I’m an LGBT American and I really feel this President is look

Meg at Plymouth State University

New Hampshire students have all kinds of reasons for supporting President Obama–from Kay at Keene State College, who knows the President always has students in mind, to Matt at Dartmouth, who’s confident in the the President’s plan to keep the country moving forward.

Now, meet Meg, a junior at Plymouth State. She echoed Kay and Matt in many ways, but also told us that it’s the President’s stand on marriage equality that sealed the deal for her. Here’s what she said:

“I’m a student, and I’m an LGBT American and I really feel this President is looking out for me. He wants everyone to have a future, which is why he’s focused in so closely on increased funding for Pell Grants and student loan reform. No young person will be overwhelmed with debt when they’re first leaving the work force again. That’s a really, really big deal."

“But there’s something else, too. I think that just about everyone imagines meeting and marrying the person they love when they think about their future as a young person. But for gay Americans outside places like New Hampshire, we’re excluded from this fundamental human experience–and all the rights and benefits that come along with it. For the first time ever, we have a president willing to stand up and say, ‘Hey, I don’t think that’s right.’

“So that’s what I think this election comes down to. Are we a country that celebrates and extends equal rights and equal access to opportunity to everyone willing to work for it, the way the President envisions? Or are we going to elect Mitt Romney, who has pledged to move us backward in all the areas where we’ve made progress?”

Those are the stakes and we need you to commit to vote for the President to keep us moving forward. Do it right now with Facebook to let your friends know about your commitment.

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