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Skyping into Maui organizing meeting from Oahu

I enjoy working with neighborhood team leaders throughout Hawaii. The geography of Hawaii may be challenging given the state spans several islands; however, there is no ocean wide enough and no mountain tall enough to keep us from organizing!

Hope, Pam and David got together in Wailuku to discuss efforts to build their Maui team. Since Maui is another island and I live on Oahu, they invited me to Skype into the meeting. Skype is a video conferencing tool that allows several participants and groups to collaborate online i.e. document sharing, conference calls, face-to-face/group-to-group conference calls, etc. It is a great organizing and meeting tool!

Hope brought her computer, logged onto Skype, and found me in the Skype directory; it was a fairly simple process to connect with each other. Skype enabled us to discuss our goals and objectives for the Maui team. At the end of the meeting, we captured a screen shot of all of us Skyping and smiling. It was a great learning experience utilizing Skype as an organizing tool, especially when there are geographic obstacles preventing in-person meetings.


After the meeting, David composed a summary of the get-together and next steps of action for the Maui team. They decided to host a grassroots planning session on May 25, 2011, in the conference room of Maui Business ETC, 2020 Main St. in Downtown Wailuku, Maui. They will invite Democratic activists and leaders from the house districts in Maui.

This was my first experience using Skype as an organizing tool and I intend on using it with all the Organizing for America teams on the neighbor islands. We communicate via Facebook and email extensively, so using a video conferencing tool will enhance our state volunteer leadership meetings and team building objectives. This was also my first time working "face-to-face" with Hope, Pam and Dave. We're friends on Facebook and Twitter, and communicate a lot via email but never really had the opportunity to meet until now.

I hope more volunteers who cannot join us at the Organizing for America-Hawaii HQ for meetings will join us on future online meetings. I'm really excited about building upon this first experience. We will have meetings throughout the state in homes and businesses of supporters, but we will incorporate online meetings with hopes that each neighbor island team can meet and learn something new from each other.

The Maui team and I managed to meet each other, plan an event and work on the first grassroots planning session in Maui. All supporters on Maui are invited! If you’re IN with the President’s 2012 campaign and want to get active with the Maui team, then join them on May 25, 2011 for the Maui Grassroots Planning Session.

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