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Volunteers Train and Inspire for the Week of Action

Volunteers in Richland County met Thursday night for an information and training session to prepare for the upcoming week of action. During the sessions, Neighborhood Team Leaders Annejanet H., Maryann W., and Veronica A. reviewed plans for each of the days of action and used role-play and other exercises to prepare volunteers for next week's events. The week of action will include community faith outreach, Martin Luther King Day celebrations, small business canvassing, and college mobilization.

The week of action is a coordinated, statewide effort to reach out to President Obama’s supporters and encourage them to get involved in the campaign by taking action in their communities. As the Republican presidential candidates visit the state and Republican voters prepare to head to the polls to choose their nominee, there is no better time to come together, get to know fellow supporters, and learn about the campaign’s strategy for success. While they are voting, the Obama campaign will be working to build neighborhood teams.

Maryann, a Richland County neighborhood team leader, made dozens of calls to turn people out for the training session and continues to grow her Columbia team.

"Volunteers came today because we just kept on making calls. I continued to hold house meetings and other events to recruit volunteers and engage voters until I built a neighborhood team. Today, the fruit of our labor and other teams' labor was realized with an outpouring of volunteers and supporters ready to get the job done,” Maryann said.

The week of action culminates with 2012 action meetings happening in two different parts of the state -- the Lowcountry and the Midlands. These meetings will be a great chance to hear from special guests, get updates on the campaign, learn how to build your own neighborhood team, and find out how you can get involved and help the campaign win in November.

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