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All eyes on South Carolina

The Republican candidates have brought their primary circus on the road straight to South Carolina. That means we're going to see a lot of them in the next eight or so days.

What'll we hear from them? If Iowa and New Hampshire were any indication, false attacks on the President's record -- and even on the President himself.

We also have an important role as our would-be opponents fight for votes on their side: We need to hold them accountable for what they say while they're here, because soon after they leave, we'll have a race to run against one of them.

So tell us: What are you seeing on the ground? What are you hearing from your neighbors? What about these candidates needs to be told to fellow South Carolinians - and the rest of the country?

Our state's GOP primaries can get a little rowdy. So it's imperative that folks on our side don't just stand on the sidelines while Republicans lie about themselves and us.

Here's how:

We've been targeted by TV ads, robocalls, and mailings for months. So if you've gotten a call, heard an ad, or received a piece of direct mail, you can let us know.

We've also gotten to know some of the candidates personally as they've visited our state in the past few days and weeks. So if you've attended an event or even had a personal interaction with one of the contenders that you think voters should know about, we want to hear it.

Thanks for all you do to support the President here -- by volunteering on the ground, and by keeping an ear to it:



Lee Goodall South Carolina State Director Obama for America

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