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Victory in CD-1

OFA volunteers and their coalition partners across Oregon saw their hard work over the past month pay off Tuesday. Suzanne Bonamici cruised to victory by a larger-than-anticipated margin in January's special election to fill the vacant seat in Oregon's 1st Congressional District.

"We did it!" said John and Katie H. of Northeast Portland, hugging each other when they heard the news.

They certainly did. We all did—hundreds of volunteers across the state made calls from OFA offices, private homes, dorm rooms, and even a salon! The downtown Portland office was a buzzing hive of activity as volunteers "Fun Banked" and tallied GOTV efforts from across the state. In Washington County, Team Beaverton took over Trio Salon and made calls sitting next to walls of dryers and shelves of hair product.

Our calls mobilized voters throughout the district, who turned out in higher numbers than anyone expected. Those voters gave Suzanne Bonamici a seat in Congress, making her the only woman in Oregon's Congressional delegation.

"I am so impressed by the hard work and tremendous dedication of all our volunteers," said Brandyn Keating, Oregon State Director. "They were such a huge part of making this victory possible, and with their help we can keep building the neighborhood teams that will win us an even bigger victory in November."

If you want to be a part of building those teams and re-electing President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket, click here to get involved now.

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