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Getting more than kicks on Route 66

Last Thursday, over a hundred excited supporters of President Obama gathered in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to be the first to see “The Road We’ve Traveled,” the new 17-minute documentary about the President’s first three years in office.

The film’s narrator, Tom Hanks, poses a great question: how do we understand this President and his time in office?

To answer that question, our Oklahoma State Director Miguel Medrano encouraged attendees to reflect on their own experiences. "This film reminds us that we can't forget where we came from and where we're going,” he began. What followed was an emotional and personal discussion as members of the audience took turns sharing their stories about our obstacles, hard work, and accomplishments since January 20th, 2009.

The evening wouldn't have been complete without a rousing chant of "Fired up, ready to go!"

Not everyone could join us for the premiere, but that didn’t stop one young Democrat from seeing the film. Sam P., a junior at the University of Oklahoma, watched the film on YouTube from his home in Norman with some of his friends. Sam had some strong feelings afterward and raved, “It was incredibly inspirational and reminded me why we elected President Obama.”

If you haven’t seen “The Road We’ve Traveled,” you can watch it on YouTube, too. Then share it with a friend!

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