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Faces of Change: Dakota's Pell grant

Like many young Oklahomans, Dakota Remy hoped to attend college but was afraid he couldn't-- simply because his parents could not afford to send him. He knew how hard it was for his parents without degrees.

His teacher, Donna Landon, encouraged him to pursue his dreams and helped him find a way to pay for his education. After applying for FAFSA, Dakota found out he qualified for a $5,500 Pell grant.

By expanding the Pell grant program, President Obama has kept his promise to make college more affordable for students from working and middle class families. 3 million more hardworking students received Pell grants since 2008, helping them get the education they need to compete for the jobs of the future.

Dakota appreciates this change:

"It's inspiring to know that President Obama looks at education as an investment in the future. He wants everyone to be successful and that make me want to go help someone else because someone's helping me."

A Claremore native, Dakota is now a freshman at Rogers State University. We look forward to what he will accomplish and do for others after he graduates!

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