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Superhero or not, it's time to get covered

I'm going to share a secret with you: Sometimes I wore a cape when I was a kid. It's true. Putting that cape on made me feel like a real superhero. Invincible!

That's a feeling I hope some people can relate to—at one point in your life you probably were pretty sure you were invincible. But here's the truth: we're not. Things happen—and that’s why it's so important to have health insurance.

Time is running out to get covered this year, and we’re doing something a little different today.

For this Throwback Thursday, we're asking everyone to share a photo of when you felt invincible. Maybe it's a photo of yourself dressed up like a superhero on Halloween or flexing your kid muscles for the camera. Maybe you're just wearing a cape.

Tweet it out—and let folks know why it's important to get covered now that you know you're no longer invincible. Use the hashtags #TBT and #GetCovered to be part of the conversation.

Don’t have a superhero photo? No problem—any old photo where you're doing something awesome works too. Get creative with it.

If you need some ideas for what to say, check out these samples and get tweeting.

Just 18 days left to get covered. Thanks, and happy #TBT.
Get tweeting
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