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Medicare Fact vs Fiction

There is a lot of talk about Medicare lately. Here is a video that lays out the facts:

Here is more information we've put together for you.

Fiction vs. Fact: Romney and Ryan know that seniors don’t like their extreme plan to raise health costs and turn Medicare into a voucher program, so they’re attacking the President and lying about their own plan. They’ll say anything to get elected.

Fiction: “Obama cut Medicare by $716 billion.” Fact: The $716 billion in savings that are extending the life of Medicare through 2024 came from cutting unnecessary subsidies to insurance companies, waste and fraud – which is why Ryan put it in his budget, too. Those savings expanded benefits, like closing the doughnut hole – they didn’t cut Medicare benefits a dime.

Fiction: “Obama threatens Medicare for the next generation.” Fact: According to Medicare’s own experts, Obamacare extends Medicare’s life by eight years.

For a downloadable document you can find it HERE on Dashboard.

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