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Alfre Woodard Fires Up Las Vegas

“You have the power to change history and the lives of family, neighbors, Nevada and the country!”

That was actress Alfre Woodard’s message on a full day of campaigning for President Obama recently in Las Vegas. Woodard visited seniors, reassuring them that if President Obama is reelected, the Social Security and Medicare they worked so hard to secure for their retirement would be safe. Las Vegas was one stop on Woodard’s mission to travel the country on behalf of the president, firing up supporters and influencing undecided voters to register to vote and make their voices heard this November.

After meeting with seniors, Woodard had lunch with key African American community leaders and small business owners. “I’m still fired up from last time,” she told the group. “I never cooled off.”

“We cannot afford to be disappointed and apathetic. We don’t have time to get discouraged or mad. The grassroots movement got President Obama into the White House and that’s what we have to rekindle. Small business owners cannot afford Romney/Ryan. The American public cannot afford it. Our educational system certainly cannot afford it. And we cannot afford to let them get near Obamacare! We have to show up for the President because he has shown up for us. And I am trusting you to do that.”

Woodard also visited a field office to thank and engage volunteers and staff before they went out to register voters. She stressed the importance of their volunteer commitment.

“Nevada is a pivotal state and you are the point people. You are the front line. We will stand with you. On Election Day, they will be waiting to see Nevada turn blue, and you guys are in charge of doing that. We have to refute the lies with the truth and talk about the progress made. They have the Super PACS but we have the super people. We need to go door-to-door and person-to-person. That’s where you all come in. You can tell them we love a President whose policies promote, protect, uplift and respect women. He has done a remarkable job listening to and respecting people that don’t even respect him. When someone is telling the truth, you don’t let them stand by themselves. You have the power to keep this progress moving forward. You have the power to keep this country getting back on its feet. Ending with standing applause, Woodard chanted, ‘Are you fired up?” Volunteers responded, “Ready to go!”

After a full day in Las Vegas, Woodard was still fired up and ready to go as she joined State Senator and candidate for Nevada Congressional District 4 Steven Horsford for the Labor Day Rock for Obama Mobilization Mixer. She impressed upon the young professional and organizational leaders gathered at The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas how important this election is for the country.

“The reason this country is successful is because it was built on the backs of middle class and working people. Those people are just the heads of stuff but we are the people that make it all work. We are the people of success and hope. Look at us, all of us. Whether we came here willingly on a boat or we were dragged here on a boat, we are the people and the children of people that came here and built this country and we’re going to protect every gain that we have made collectively. Change has to be fought for and protected.”

Nevadans, you can register to vote online through October 6th. Early voting begins October 22nd. Make your voices heard this November and register to vote today. It’s as easy as a click.

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