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OFA NJ Canvassing at NYC Pride

Canvassing at NYC Pride 6.24

Never before have I seen the streets of New York City bursting with so much energy and pride. Throngs of supporters were covered in Obama buttons and stickers, while the “Fired Up? Ready to Go!” chant echoed throughout the crowd. An older male couple held hands, wore matching purple polos with LGBT for Obama stickers, and the top half of an “I’m In” commitment card stuck out of the top of one of their pockets. They smiled as they stood there, hand in hand.

This was the scene of New York City’s 2012 Pride Parade.

Six other New Jersey summer organizers and I joined the masses with our clipboards to canvass the crowd. After about an hour, I ran out of stickers and was inundated with volunteer commitment cards. One couple who had come to the City from North Jersey told me they wouldn’t vote for anyone besides our President because they believed he deserved a “thank you” for being the only sitting President to support same sex marriage.

Out of the thousands of people we encountered that day, the image of the older couple holding hands kept entering my mind– it was such a simple and beautiful representation of the LGBT community’s embrace of President Obama as an ally in their fight for equality.

The image of this loving, dedicated, and affectionate couple should make anyone ask themselves why we don’t have marriage equality in this country. My fellow summer organizers at OFA NJ have become family to me—I cringe at the thought that some of them are prevented from marrying the one they love.

Thankfully, we have a President who supports same-sex marriage, and I am personally committed to working as hard as I can to ensure that we have an LGBT ally in the White House for four more years.

Will you join me in helping re-elect President Obama so we can secure a future where everyone is treated equally? Come out to an “It Takes One” Weekend of action event: sign up here.

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