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Our Educators for Obama school bus tour

Two educators for Obama, Bonnie and Erik, during the OFA-NH School Bus Tour. More pictures from the tour are up on Facebook.

It's been a long time since any of us have been in a yellow school bus, but we piled into one last week with educators from New Hampshire and Massachusetts for a tour of the Granite State.

At the four stops–Concord, Laconia, Rochester, and Portsmouth–the educators talked to press and supporters about why they're supporting the President on education.

Bonnie, a New Hampshire teacher, helped us kick off the event:

“I believe that education is one of the most important issues facing our country. President Obama has made education the cornerstone of his plan for an economy built to last. Education is now a national priority, a position it will undoubtedly lose under a Romney administration. We cannot afford to let this happen.”

The folks from Massachusetts offered particular insight into Romney's failed approach to education during his oneterm as governor there. Erik, a Bay State guidance counselor, had this to say:

“As Governor, Romney tried to cut funding for early literacy and kindergarten programs, vetoed a bill to create universal pre-kindergarten and questioned the value of early education. Living and working as a teacher during Mitt Romney’s term as Governor taught me one thing: Romney Economics don’t work."

If you have a story that illustrates why you stand with the President on education, or a story that illustrates Romney's disastrous four years as governor of Massachusetts, please share it with us.

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